Your work is in excellent hands. Elastic Studio's work is created to make your business stand out in a relevant and unexpected way. We want you to be happy - with work that is on strategy. You should enjoy the process as much as we do. To see the whole porfolio of Creative Director Craig Murley click here.

Get your visitors to take action

We set up hard-working and beautiful websites - the face of your business. We'll create the strategy, setup and launch including mobile optimization and SEO heavy keywords. We design for any platform - Wix.com platform, or WordPress or other platforms like Shopify and Hubspot? Ask a question? 

Brand Design on a screen


Banner images for Fern & Grey - UK

Brand Design on a screen

Rhino Outlet Amazon product launch - USA

Brand Design
Let's create your uniqueness

You could be starting a new venture, or looking to update the look of your business and brand. This is the work we love. Our clients often feel more confident, like they now have something special - as they should. We always want to create the best version of you - on your best day.  Ask a question? 


Herts Hemp Pack Photoshop Illustration

Merlin Pictures Group logo


Imelda Moyano Property Investment Logo

Photographic illustration

Imelda Moyano Website

Signage visualisation

The Sales Boss Book Cover
The Sales Boss Book Cover
The Sales Boss Social Media campaign
The Sales Boss Social Media campaign
The Sales Boss Social Media campaign
The Sales Boss Social Media campaign
Website design for Albion Waste
Website design for Albion Waste

Website design for Albion Waste in London

Scope media logo and web page

Ant Radio album cover
Ant Radio album cover
webber card
webber card

Webber Insurance stationery


Webber Insurance logo

Elevate Human Potential folder

Elevate Human Potential brochure

Elevate Human Potential brochure

Elevate Human Potential brochure

Commissioned T-Shirt design sketch

T-Shirt design illustration

T-Shirt design final

Chapter layout design

Book design

New Age Nutraceuticals logo

Montana stationery

Montana unisex pack design

Montana pack design

Icon Design

Photoshop illustration

Logo design

Brand Film - Elevate Human Potential

Our brilliant client, Jonathan Whistman, wanted to share his positive Brand's vision with online visitors, as well as create an inspiring introduction to his training courses. From his writing, we crafted the script and created the film using only stock footage and music. All production was done in-house by Craig Murley. ​

Explainer Video - Insignia Group

We created a short explainer video to highlight exactly why Insignia's product is so good for their target market - Auto dealers in the US.
This was all part of a full makeover of their website. As this was being created in Switzerland, zero footage was shot. The whole experience used stock footage and our in-house animation and compositing. Good fun to do, and an effective sales pitch for Insignia.

Sales Boss Fix - Series animation

A video series by the Sales Boss, Jonathan Whistman. This series is filmed America and then produced and animated by Elastic Studio. This series will grow as more episodes are added. Check out the full series.

Event Plazma - Allan Jay Launch

Usually a song launch event has a banner hanging above the stage. We thought that the artist and sponsor brands would get better value by having the the poster visual and sponsor logo's animated and looped on the club's plazma screens to set the tone for the launch. 

Logo Animation & sound - Pregistry

The existing Pregistry logo needed an idea and a simple animation to intro their video content. The idea is to show the fact that Pregistry is here to support, from conception through pregnancy and lactation. Pregistry is a great company that offers expert advice, pregnancy apps and tools as well as a very active community for pregnant and lactating women.

Brand Evolution reveal - NEST

Our challenge was to evolve a very successful marketing company's 15 yr old brand identity. NEST does marketing and membership solutions for martial arts schools. The key element had to be the belt-inspired N icon. This animation shows the core of the new identity, which moved away from a traditional Martial Art style to a modern alignment with their online and app-driven business.

Voice Acting - Voice over demo

Sometimes a brand needs something a little different, irreverent or dramatic.
Here's a showcase of voice acting by Craig Murley. Try us if you need us to create something special for you.

Audio Design & Music

Check out our music. Most of these are for personal projects. We love creating emotion through sound and music. Songwriting, sound design, logo signatures, and sound-track mixing. 
Original tracks are created in our home studio under our indie brand, Ant Radio.
If we can't do it, we'll tell you.