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You get one chance at a first impression. I design the "face" of your company.

I'm on a mission to use my deep experience in Graphic Design, Brand Communication and Advertising to help you to make a clear and beautiful first impression. I also want to make your brand a consistent and delightful experience for your customers. 


If you're looking for distinctive, and fresh creative work, I can help you. 
I've gained a wealth of experience while working in global ad agencies and 

I've been fortunate to learn from working on some of the world's best Brands.

From brand and website design to explainer videos and ad campaigns for huge companies, through to brand and website make-overs. I've produced work for entrepreneurs starting their empire, as well as for industry giants. And have help catapult companies to much higher sales.


It's my mission to make your company look awesome. 

And I want you to enjoy the process as much as I do. After all. This is such an exciting part of business.


Contact me, for a free, no strings brand review. I'm friendly, and can really make a difference to your business.

of 27 
Creative Awards

Just some of the great brands I've produced work for. I've learned so much from every single one of them.

Creative Director - Public Speaking and events

 Perfect for entrepreneurs and SME's of all kinds.  
An insightful and inspiring look into the techniques and knowledge that Big Brands use to convert customers into fans. Presented by Craig Murley, winner of over 22 Creative awards for brands like Orange, KFC, The Robben Island Museum and many more.

He’ll share ways to make sure your brand stands out and delivers the wow factor at the right place.  See how he took a small brand from a 35% response rate to over 87%. Also includes how to go from being a liked brand to being a loved brand (with examples).

Find out how to lift your brand
to the next level.

Previous Bookings:
The Idea Store, Whitechapel, London - Aug 30, 2016
The City Business Library - Jan 21, 2016
The City Business Library - Aug 12, 2016

An excellent gift for people wanting guidance in moving forward.


The idea Store

Within point one I learned new things that will help me go forward.


The idea Store

Very informative talk. Craig was engaging and interacted with the audience, asking us questions and relating his talk to our businesses.


London City Business Library

Great Stuff!!


London City Business Library

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